The following external resources are provided for anyone suffering from OCD, depression, or any other mental illness.

Endorsed Resources

I endorse all the following resources as they are well-established, non-commercial entities with accurate information.


The International OCD Foundation provides educational and help resources for people with OCD.


The National Alliance on Mental Illness both educates people about mental illnesses and lobbies for public policy aiding those with mental health issues.


The Anxiety and Depression Association of America assists individuals in finding treatment for anxiety-related disorders.

SSA Logo

The Social Security Administration List A Section 12 describes all mental disorders that qualify for Disability Benefits.


MentalHealth is an educational website run by the US government on various mental disorders.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Logo

Please contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline if you are having suicidal thoughts.

External Resources

The following links lead to resource guides by third parties. I do not necessarily endorse any of the individual organizations or companies―primarily because I refuse to endorse commercial entities. However, all the following links contain useful, quality information worth exploring.