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We’d love to host your article in our “How Are You?” series. Whether you are sharing a personal story, a nugget of wisdom, or otherwise discussing mental health, we want your voice to be heard. While we want to maximize flexibility, and let you express yourself openly, there are a few requirements to maintain a healthy community.


  • Topic must be about some aspect of mental health
  • All actors, and ideally even locations, must have pseudonyms
  • ≤2,000 words (8–12 minutes read time)
  • ≤3 images or diagrams
  • A featured/cover image is highly recommended, but optional
  • No political or religious proselyting
  • No hate speech
  • No invalidation


While we will not promise any time frames from receiving your submission to publishing it, we can outline the steps between the two. After receiving your article, we will ensure that it meets the above requirements, and notify you of our decision (and why we made it). A minimal editing process will correct typos, and any glaring grammatical mistakes—such as missing periods—but otherwise leave the article alone to preserve your writing style. Then we will format the article, and email you a private preview link. After you are satisfied with the final product, it will be posted on “How Are You?”

Important note: If you opt out of providing your email address, the entire post-submission process will happen without your involvement.

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