How Are You?

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While HyerOCD contains my last name, and primary disorder, I ultimately want to create a mental health support resource. As such, I’m creating a new series—How Are You?—consisting of guest articles, and you’re a guest!

The enormous diversity of experiences with mental health let’s people know they are not alone. Validation conveys a feeling of belonging, and helps end stigmas. I’ve heard many valuable stories and sage advice during discussions with sufferers of mental illness. But starting up a platform takes a lot of time and effort, and we live in a fast-paced factory world. To that end, I am opening my platform up to everyone. Have you ever wanted to tell an impactful story from your life? Maybe you have wonderful insight into an issue, and want to shout it to the world. Perhaps you need to express yourself, or get something off your chest. Whatever your impetus, HyerOCD can help move those thoughts into a public space for others to grow.

Anyone can submit an article about mental health in the Contribute menu under Submit an Article. You don’t need a diagnosed disorder to participate, and feel free to use pseudonyms. I’m not here to gate-keep, and want everyone to feel safe when expressing themselves. Let’s write together!

Have a great day and always practice self-compassion!

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